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High Chair Reviews – What to Look for?

High Chair Reviews - What to Look for?

What to Look for in High Chair Reviews

Parents like you whose babies are ready to eat solid foods often look for high chair reviews given their need to buy one. A high chair provides babies with a safe place to experience new tastes and allows you to easily supervise meals and clean up later on. With the numerous review of high chairs online, however, it could be quite confusing which one to believe and which one to take with a grain of salt. So how do you evaluate online reviews of high chairs?

Discusses Types of High Chairs

High chair reviews should detail the type. High chairs come in various types, from basic metal or plastic, full-featured, portable and hook-on, and wooden models. The plain metal or plastic frame high chairs are the cheapest and lightest. Another advantage is that this type is easy to move and store. However, the disadvantages include limited comfort for the baby.

Full-featured highchairs have enough cushioning in the seats and even come with wheels that make it easier for parents to transfer from one place to another. Portable and hook-on varieties are portable and can make space in tight areas. Aside from being heavier than the other types, wooden highchairs are harder to clean.

Includes Features of High Chairs

Well-written reviews of high chairs must also indicate the features of the models being evaluated. Unknowingly to most parents, not all high chairs have trays. Some models just need to be pushed up to the table. In terms of convenience, high chairs with a tray that easily detaches and fits in the dishwasher for cleaning are considered by experts to be the most ideal. In fact, some trays also come with a safe cover specially designed for dishwashers.

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The trays of high chairs should also be adjustable so that they won’t restrict the movement of the child, especially in the midsection as he grows. A belt could come in hand and should lock the child securely into place.

Speaking of security, parents must also look into the safety harness of a high chair. Ideally, a five-point safety harness will keep the child from slipping out of the chair. The buckle of the harness must also be difficult for the child to activate. The harness should have straps that can be easily adjusted to accommodate a growing baby.

Wheels can make it easier for adults to move a high chair from one place to another. However, the high chair reviews should also indicate if the wheels can be locked. This is important since the said feature can avoid accidental roll-aways.

High Chair Reviews: Ease of Maintenance and Price

Feeding toddlers will inevitably cause spills. Reviews of high chairs should discuss how easy or difficult it is to clean the seat. The reviews should detail if there are areas that are hard to wipe, or if the seat and harness can be removed and thrown in the dishwasher.

Like baby stroller reviews, a good assessment of high chairs will reveal the price of the model being featured. The cheapest high chairs usually cost around $20-30, with the more expensive ones ranging from $100 to $500.