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15 Natural Birth Control Herbs

15 Natural Birth Control Herbs

Natural Birth Control Herbs

You and your partner may have decided that you should not have children yet or another child if you already have others. If this is the case, you would need to use some methods to prevent pregnancy. While there are some modern methods that involve synthetic medicines or devices, you may prefer using natural birth control herbs for this purpose.

Herbs have been used for birth control by people long before the modern methods. Of course, these herbs may have some side effects and present certain risks too. But if you consult your doctor before using these herbs, you can get many benefits from using them.

In this article, we will have a look at 15 different natural birth control herbs. Let’s see these herbs.


Ginger is another natural birth control herb. It is known for triggering menstruation. To get an adequate amount of ginger, you can make ginger tea. This tea can be made by boiling ginger in water. It can help you prevent pregnancy if you drink a couple of cups each day.

Cinnamon – Natural Birth Control Herbs

Cinnamon is a natural birth control herb that triggers menstruation as well. By eating cinnamon, you can avoid pregnancy for a while.

Dried fig

Dried fig is both a healthy food for your body and a natural birth control herb. If you eat three or more Dried figs after your intercourse, it can help you prevent pregnancy.


Asafoetida is a natural birth control herb whose resin can be used with brassica alba and salt. By eating this mixture with vinegar, you can stop a pregnancy before it begins.


When you consume papaya fruits, the papain enzyme in them can help you prevent pregnancy. For this effect, you should eat them before they get ripe. If you eat these fruits more than three days in a row after intercourse, you can avoid pregnancies.


Neem is another natural birth control herb that is highly effective. Consuming neem leaves reduces ovary activities. In fact, males can consume neem oil for birth control, as well.

Vitamin C Natural Birth Control Herbs

Although Vitamin C is not a natural birth control herb itself, you get to eat many fruit and vegetable that is rich in Vitamin C to prevent pregnancy. As it suppresses progesterone in your body, which is essential for pregnancy, an excess amount of Vitamin C can help you avoid pregnancy.

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Root of Cotton

Cotton plants contain oxytocin in their roots. Doctors use this hormone during labor. But it is also useful for forcing menstruation to prevent pregnancy. You can use it by soaking the bark of cotton plant roots.

Buckwheat- Natural Birth Control Herbs

Another well-known natural birth control herb is Buckwheat. It contains rutin in high amounts. Rutin is a plant pigment that can prevent pregnancy when consumed daily. You can find rutin in tablet form too.


Apricot is another natural birth control herb that you can use. If you eat about a dozen apricot kernels each day after your intercourse until you get your period, you can avoid pregnancy.

Wild Carrot

Wild carrot, or with another common name, Queen Anne’s lace, is another natural birth control herb. To prevent pregnancy, the seeds of this plant can be consumed about 5 mL per day.

Norwegian Angelica

Norwegian angelica is another natural birth control herb with an oxytocin effect. So, Norwegian angelica triggers menstruation and helps birth control. You can leave this plant in alcohol, and you can get ten drops, one in 8 hours, about a dozen dozes.

Parsley – Natural Birth Control Herbs

When consumed in excessive amounts, parsley can be considered a natural birth control herb too. If you eat a lot of parsley in a short time, it can cause uterus spasms and prevents conception.


Smartweed is another natural birth control herb that contains rutin. It also contains gallic acid and quercetin. These components are useful against pregnancy. You can use smartweed leaves by boiling them in water and drinking this tea every day until your period.

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