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5 Basic Natural Birth Control Methods

5 Basic Natural Birth Control Methods

Natural Birth Control Methods

Some of the modern birth control methods require long-term commitments. Moreover, many people do not like the idea of putting medicines in their bodies to prevent pregnancy. Alternatively, you can practice Natural Birth Control Methods.

These natural methods can help you prevent pregnancy without taking any medicine or using synthetic devices. In this article, we will have a quick look at birth control by natural methods.

Fertility Awareness for Natural Birth Control Methods

Fertility awareness refers to women tracking their period cycles and following the time that they are fertile. Fertility awareness is one of the ways to Natural Birth Control Methods.

By keeping a record of your period cycles, your basal temperature, and your cervix mucus condition, you can identify your fertile days, which are typically between the 8th to 19th days. If you be careful within this window or bypass any risks, you can avoid pregnancy.


One of the ways to birth control by natural methods is the withdrawal method. This method is also known as the pull-out method. With this method, the male partner avoids fertilization during the climax by pulling himself out.

Although this method is quite popular among couples, it is actually quite risky since the full climax is not necessary for pregnancy. Even if it was necessary, this method involves complete self-control during the moment, which can be difficult. Therefore accidents are quite common.


After giving birth, as long as the mother produce breastmilk, it is possible to prevent pregnancy. Since the hormone that tells the body to produce the milk also stops ovulation, it can be used as one of the ways of birth control by natural methods. This method is also known as the lactational amenorrhea method.

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Although this method is only possible during the first half-year after giving birth, it can help new mothers as a reliable way of birth control for a while. Keep in mind that, For full effectiveness, you need to feed your baby or pump the milk six times a day. So you can be sure that your body will produce the hormones which make this method possible.


If you are determined to stay safe for sure, the only way that you can have full effectiveness in birth control by natural methods is to practice abstinence.

Abstinence means that you and your partner do not get into any act for bodily pleasures. As long as both partners are absolutely okay with staying abstinent, this method may be the easiest way to achieve complete birth control.


Perhaps you find staying abstinent too extreme. Instead, maybe you may consider a lighter alternative, like having outer courses.

Natural Birth Control Methods

Enjoying some pleasures with your partner is not exclusively possible with full intercourses. Couples can have similar pleasures with kisses, hand plays, oral stimulations, and toys. Such activities can help couples have fun while achieving complete birth control.