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Prenatal Supplements for Easy Delivery

Prenatal Supplements for Easy Delivery

Prenatal Supplements for Easy Delivery

During pregnancy, mothers should be careful about their nutrition. Because experiencing any malnutrition problem may prevent having an easy delivery at the end.

Fortunately, there are ways to ensure getting the necessary nutrition for babies and moms. We call them prenatal supplements. Of course, unlike ordinary health supplements, during pregnancy, you shouldn’t take any ingredients more than what you need.

Prenatal Supplements and Meal During Pregnancy

Even if you take good nutrition, taking too much of some ingredients can cause pregnancy poisoning. If you gain too much weight during pregnancy, you are at increased risk of dystocia as well as the risk of preeclampsia and gestational diabetes.

Therefore, it is very important to have well-balanced nutrition in your diet, but eating too much is certainly not good. So, you should be very careful about what you consume, and avoid anything harmful, especially excessive salt and carbohydrate intake.

Folic acid during pregnancy

Let’s talk about the prenatal supplements you want to take for easy delivery. The first recommendation is folic acid supplements, which are often recommended in obstetrics and gynecology. Folic acid is a component that prevents birth defects, miscarriage, and stillbirth. It is also a component related to the increase in red blood cell count. Folic acid is also among the necessary prenatal supplements for the prevention and improvement of anemia in moms.

Iron prenatal supplements

Iron is also a component that is closely related to anemia, and it is said that women are prone to iron deficiency even if they are not pregnant. In late pregnancy, many women are more likely to develop anemia and are prescribed iron supplements. The blood supply to the foetation leads to anemia in the mother, and of course, the anemia is not good for the foetation. Taking folic acid and iron at the same time enhances the hematopoietic effect.

Calcium supplements

Calcium is one of the most critical prenatal supplements which you need to be careful about. Failing to have enough calcium intake can have drastic effects as during the pregnancy and after birth, the mother’s womb can get very low in calcium.

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Calcium tends to get deficient quickly during pregnancy because a high amount of calcium is needed to form the baby’s bones and teeth. And if the mother experiences calcium deficiency, it can have a severe impact on the baby. But not only the baby gets affected by this. As the mother’s nutrition flow is prioritized towards the baby’s growth, a pregnant mother can experience serious health issues caused by calcium deficiency. For example, the sudden loss of teeth after giving birth is also due to this calcium deficiency.

Dietary fiber

Another vital prenatal supplement is dietary fiber. During pregnancy, constipation is more likely to occur due to the relationship between hormone balance in the body and the weight of the abdomen. Therefore, dietary fiber is an ingredient that you want to consume as much as possible.

In particular, dietary fiber which is abundant in water-soluble mushrooms, seaweed, and many slimy vegetables, is among the most important prenatal supplements.


While there are many other things you should try to consume regularly during pregnancy, like vitamins or proteins, some things are critical to consume for you and your baby.

The components we mentioned here can easily deficient during pregnancy, but they are very difficult to take sufficiently from your diet. So, it is highly recommended to take them as prenatal supplements. You can easily incorporate these supplements into your pregnancy diet and ease your worries about your intake of these critical ingredients.

Moreover, there are pregnancy supplements on the market that combine these ingredients into one. They can make it so much easier to reach your daily intake goals. Your doctor can give you the list of intake levels you should have daily, which you can use for your supplement shopping. When the mother is perfectly-nourished and supported by such supplements during pregnancy, you can expect a safer delivery and a healthier baby.