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Baby Boy Shower Ideas for a Tight Budget

Baby Boy Shower Ideas for a Tight Budget

Inexpensive Baby Boy Shower Ideas

Thinking of baby boy shower ideas can be difficult especially if you have a limited budget to work with. Soon-to-be parents like you naturally want to throw a baby shower but there will always be times when the lack of money can throw a wrench in these plans. But don’t let your baby shower plans be ruined by financial constraints. There are a lot of ways for you to host a baby shower without spending a fortune.

Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

When going through baby boy shower ideas, it is almost a given to start with the guest list. Most would-be parents think that they need to send out baby shower invitations to their guests. Since a baby shower is considered an informal party, there is actually no need to send out invites. Practical parents and baby shower hosts may invite guests online by creating a Facebook event, and adding other Facebook users to the ‘guest list.’ Even the use of text messages can replace the traditional invitation letter.

Another unnecessary expense of baby showers is the decorations. Instead of buying new materials for decors, you can reuse old decorations like Christmas lights and hang them around the room. Baby items like stuffed animals, kid books, and toys may also serve as party decorations. These seemingly trivial items can set the tone for a fun baby shower.

Save on Food

There are a lot of ways to save on food. One of these is to always buy in bulk. Finger foods like nuts, candies, popcorn and veggies, and dip are ideal for this type of party.

If you want to be more creative, you can choose foods that the mom-to-be craved during her pregnancy. This is a nice way to pay homage to her pregnancy. You may also put a note card on each food to provide details on the food craving, like the month or stage of pregnancy that the mother desired the food item. And most food cravings of pregnant women are cheap like pineapple, chocolate, and cold cereal.

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A baby shower will always have a cake, and you can save on this party food essential by baking your own.

Gifts in Baby Boy Shower Ideas

It’s always recommended to hand out small gifts to guests who won baby shower games. The gifts don’t have to be expensive. You can get cheap items like candles, picture frames, and bath items at any local thrift shop. Instead of wrapping up these items in fancy paper, simply use tissue paper and an old string or ribbon.

If you want to give the expectant mom a present, think of inexpensive choices. You might want to give her a gift basket containing baby presents bought from the thrift store, share some toddler development tips or even the promise of a trip to the spa a few months after she gives birth.

Baby Boy Shower Ideas for a Tight Budget

As you can see, hosting a baby shower should not burn a hole in your pocket or stress you out. Another item you must add to your baby boy shower ideas are some great games to play at the shower, here is a great source for some fun games.