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10 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

Your rush is big. There is little time left for birth. Now … Put aside the things to do before your baby is born. Consider our small but important reminders and pamper yourself.

You are pregnant and have a lot of things to do before your baby is born. To-buy list, to-do list, reminder list, because you are a bit distracted at the moment … But there is another list that you skipped! A list you have to make for YOURSELF, not just for your baby. You’d better hurry because it’s too short of birth, your time is running out.

10 Things to Do Before Your Baby is Born

1. Wear a white blouse.
Enjoy wearing white blouses before your baby is born because you may be longing for white for a while due to your baby’s vomit. Your blouse will be filled with baby food and milk stains flowing from the bottle. Sometimes you will even change a few T-shirts a day. For this reason, we say that you prefer white, which is a peaceful color, in your days.

2. Get up early in the morning.
We know you say, “When my child is born, I can’t get to sleep anyway, so why don’t I get up early?” But before your baby arrives, one last morning breakfast with your friends will be good for you because you may not have the opportunity to do such activities immediately after birth.

3. Do shopping.
Your income and expenses are all balanced. But soon this balance may change with your baby’s expenses. Better yet pamper yourself and buy something for yourself. Consider that you will lose weight, buy smaller size clothes than you are. It is both uplifting for you and a motivation to lose weight. Get decoration objects not only for the decoration of your baby’s room but also for your home.

4. You have cleaned, the house is tidy, enjoy this situation!
Even if it is not at first, you will witness that some of the items in the house have been moved and the environment is suddenly blown away, as soon as your baby has started to walk. You will gather, then the mess will be broken again. But don’t worry, this kind of thing happens at home with every child. As we said, enjoy your tidy days.

5. Walk into a quiet corner of your home and just listen to your baby.
In the last days of your pregnancy, listening to it in a quiet environment will excite you while your baby is on your tummy. Enjoy feeling it inside while you are still in your tummy. Also, because you are very close to birth, even your partner will notice the baby’s kicks from outside.

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6. Spend pleasant hours on your sofa with your spouse, eat popcorn together, and watch the movies you like.
There is no such thing as you will not be able to watch movies after giving birth. But it is a fact that your time is limited to the movie. Moreover, when children grow up a bit, electronic devices that work at home are not intact, and all of them start to deteriorate. Better yet, take advantage of technology with your spouse.

7. Have long conversations with your friends on different topics.
As soon as your baby is born, your chat topics will be on childcare and birth for a long time. So talk to your friends about something else when your little one isn’t there.

8. Be selfish.
Of course, we don’t say to you, “Always me,” don’t think about your loved ones. It is useful to think a little about yourself to give yourself morale. Eat healthy food, take part in fun activities, or just idle and enjoy laziness. Somehow you won’t have much opportunity to laze after your baby is born.

9. Go on vacation.
If you have the opportunity to have the last holiday before birth, this idea will be good for both you and your partner. You will also have the opportunity to get rid of birth stress. However, choose the places to go within an hour or two of the city. After all, you are very close to birth, your baby can surprise you and say hello to you before the day!

10. Take photos.
You may not want to have a photo taken because you have a big belly. But this is not your overweight. Anyone can understand that there is a baby in your abdomen. Maybe you will never be like this again. When your child grows up, the photos you take during your pregnancy will attract her/his attention. So take lots of photos.