The Bond Between Mother and Baby

The Bond Between Mother and Baby

Mother and Baby

The new mother and baby bond is a very special thing. This bond is what makes a mother willing to defend her child with her own life. It’s the thing that makes a mother rush to her child’s side to comfort them at the slightest sign of distress. The bond between mother and child is what drives a mother to care for and nurture her child.

How Does the New Mother and Baby Bond Happen?

The bond between mother and baby can form in a number of different ways. Just looking at your newborn baby, you’ll feel an almost overwhelming feeling of love and a desire to care for and protect your child. To strengthen the bond and to get your child to bond with you, physical contact is actually very important. Skin-to-skin contact helps a mother and a child strengthen their bond so things like cuddling, breast-feeding, and bathing are moments that will strengthen the new mother – new baby bond.

The sound of your voice can also help your baby bond with you. Talk to your baby, sing to them, read books to them. All of this close contact will help your baby bond with you and they will come to know the sound of your voice and even your scent. Your presence alone will make them feel more at ease.

A Few Tips for Better Mother and Baby Bonding

Spend some time cuddling with your baby immediately after they are born. Unless there is some medical emergency, do not let medical personnel take your baby away from you right after he or she is born. It would be better to try to breast-feed the new baby or to just hold the baby on your chest. After cutting the umbilical cord and suctioning any mucus out of the baby’s mouth and nasal passages, medical personnel should hand baby right back to his or her mother.

We mentioned breast-feeding a moment ago and the reason that is important is that it will actually help strengthen the mother’s bond with the baby. Breastfeeding stimulates the production of a hormone called oxytocin which is a neurotransmitter in the brain that plays a huge role in maternal bonding.

Some Surprising Health Benefits of the Bond Between Mother and Baby

The new mother – new baby bond is important for some reasons that are fairly obvious. The baby needs to be able to trust and feel comfortable around their mother and the mother needs to be willing to care for, nurture, and protect her baby. In addition to the obvious reasons, there is some scientific evidence illustrating a number of other benefits of a strong bond between mother and child.

There are studies showing that a close bond between mother and child can boost the child’s immune system and help prevent disease. There are also studies showing that a strong bond between mother and child can increase a baby’s IQ.

It may seem obvious that a new mother – new baby bond is a very important thing but with all of these additional health benefits, those hugs and kisses may be even more beneficial than we ever imagined.