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Parenting Advice and Tips on Finding Reliable Information

Parenting Advice and Tips

Parenting Advice

Here you will find some tips on finding reliable information and dealing with unsolicited parenting advice. When you have a new baby, you’re likely to get parenting advice from just about everyone. It’s not only friends and family members that will give you helpful hints but you will likely get unsolicited advice from people you don’t know very well.

On this page, we want to offer up some tips on finding reliable information as well as some tips on dealing with all of the unsolicited parenting advice you will almost certainly receive.

Where to Go for Good Parenting Advice

If you are in need of some parenting advice one place you may turn to is your own parents. They may have some truly helpful tips for you but it’s also important to use your own better judgment. Things have changed quite a bit in the 20 to 30 years since your parents raised children. They may be a little behind the times and you may need to get some advice that is more up-to-date.

Another place you might turn to is a close friend that has kids just a little older than yours. If your friend has kids that are older than yours, it is likely they have dealt with the same issues you are dealing with and their experience is far more recent than that of your parents.

Sometimes parenting advice from friends and family members isn’t going to help. If you are still looking for answers you may turn to other reliable sources. Make an appointment with your doctor, talk to a nurse, therapist, counselor, etc. You may also decide to pick up a few books on parenting. A lot of books are written by people that are not only parents but also people who have a degree and a background in child psychology.

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If you turn to the Internet to do your research when you have parenting questions, make sure you get your information from a reliable source. When it comes to scientific information, look for information from hospital websites or government websites.

Handling Unsolicited Parenting Advice

As a new parent, you’re going to get parenting advice from all kinds of different people. It’s not just your friends and family that are going to be telling you how you should do things. Even perfect strangers will sometimes feel free to tell you how you should raise your children.

When you get advice without asking for it, try not to get frustrated or angry, these people are usually just trying to help. Sometimes the information you get, even if it is from a complete stranger, could be very helpful. Other times, the information you get will be completely useless. It’s up to you to take what works and discard the rest. When you get advice that you didn’t ask for, you can simply say thank you, and then use your best judgment to do whatever you feel is right.

That last statement really is the best piece of parenting advice. Always do whatever you feel is right. Trust your instincts and if you get a piece of advice that you’re not sure about, try to confirm that information by consulting with a reliable source.