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Pregnancy Gas and Farting in Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy Gas and Farting During Pregnancy

Gas and Farting Pregnancy Symptoms

Pregnancy gas is a situation you will experience very often during pregnancy and even after birth. It is to get rid of excess gas in your body easily. Fortunately, everyone knows that you did this involuntarily due to your particular situation, and nobody cares about your pregnancy gas and farting.

Out of all the times in my life I’ve ever been embarrassed to pass gas, doing it during pregnancy definitely takes the cake. I know all you other pregnant women know exactly what I’m talking about.

A description of pregnancy gas by a fun reader

I remember being able to kind of nonchalantly tilt my mean cheeks to the side and be able to avoid the stares coming from everyone in aisles 2 – 5. Not when you’re pregnant! During pregnancy, you don’t even feel them! It’s like one minute you’re trying to find the carton of eggs that don’t have any cracked shells and next thing you know the man behind you just fainted (Oops was that me?).

The only good thing is catching your partner off-guard. Now we can finally teach them a lesson: “Do Not Stand Behind, To The Right Of, To The Left Of, Or In A 5 Mile Radius Of A Pregnant Woman.”

Well, I guess in the end this pregnancy symptom isn’t a bad thing. At least it’s just a fart, right? Too bad no one will believe you if you try and blame the dog.

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What to do?

The best thing you can do about pregnancy gas and farting is to never worry about it. After a while, it will completely return to normal, and your actions will be no longer memorable than other pregnant women.