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Walking During Pregnancy for Easy Delivery

Walking During Pregnancy and Easy Delivery

Walking and Easy Delivery

In this article, we are looking at some facts about the relationship between walking during pregnancy and easy delivery.

As we often mention, mothers should avoid mental tension caused by fear and anxiety about childbirth as much as possible for easy delivery. Of course, strengthening the body is also important for childbirth, since it provides more muscle control for releasing tension.

Considering these two factors, walking as an exercise during pregnancy is particularly helpful. It is a relatively low effort physical activity, so the mother would not do difficult exercise during pregnancy. But it offers both physical and mental benefits. So, let’s have a look at the relationship between easy delivery and walking.

Easy delivery effect of walking

You probably know that walking is an aerobic exercise. It can improve your overall physical strength. It can train the muscles that you often use during childbirth. It has the effect of firmly fitting the baby’s head into the correct position towards the pelvis, which is said to help stabilize the baby. Additionally, walking improves your blood circulation thanks to doing sort of a whole-body exercise, so it offers health benefits for the baby in the womb.

Of course, when the blood circulation improves, metabolism also rises, and the internal organs of the mother also work more actively and prevent obesity during pregnancy. Therefore, walking is also effective for burning fat by increasing metabolism.

Be careful while walking

Most of the time, walking during pregnancy is safe. Still, it is recommended to carry a mobile phone and some cache for a taxi ride in case something goes wrong or you get tired.

Your condition may change suddenly during pregnancy. So, if something goes wrong while you are walking, stop immediately and don’t push yourself to do your usual routine.

Also, if you are suspected of having any problem with your pregnancy, such as premature birth, preeclampsia, or gestational diabetes, you should consult your doctor before starting walking as an excise.

Make walking more fun

Although walking during pregnancy offers many benefits, not everyone enjoys just walking. When you don’t enjoy walking for only excise purposes, it can get boring, maybe even stressful as a task you have to complete without enjoying it.

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If you think that walking is boring or it doesn’t make sense to walk around without a destination, you may make it better by adding some fun to it. For example, you can choose a route that you can look at shop windows. Or you can set yourself destinations such as exhibitions or galleries. You can also incorporate some light shopping with your walks.

Walking gets easier with right motivation

Walking during pregnancy, especially if you don’t like walking, can be too much tiring or difficult to find enough motivation.

To make it easier, consider your route by the minutes you will start returning home. You can first take a short walk, not too far away from your house, and go only 10 minutes away. Returning at this distance gives you a healthy 20 minutes of walking. Focus on getting just 10 minutes away, not the total distance you will walk. Most women can do walking during pregnancy in such short times without getting too much tired or bored. If you can keep up with these 10-minutes-away walks, you will see that it gets so much easier after a while.

It can get so much easier that after a while you may feel like you didn’t walk long enough at the end of your daily route. So, once you started to end your route comfortably, you can up your distance a bit. Instead of getting 10 minutes away from home, try getting 15 minutes away. That gives you 30 minutes of walking daily. Later you can increase this time based on how you feel.

Of course, if you already enjoy walking and exercising, you may start with a long time right away. Just be careful and do not push yourself to your usual limit with walking during pregnancy. As we mentioned, you may experience sudden changes in your condition and get surprised by sudden exhaustion much earlier than what you are used to.