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Late Pregnancy Tasks For Easy Delivery

What You Can Still Do for Easy Delivery

Do for Easy Delivery

Let’s assume you are approaching the last months of pregnancy. You probably wonder; what you can still do for easy delivery? Here we are trying to answer this question.

Well, if you are in this situation, we have some good news for you. Even if you are just one month away from childbirth, there are still many things you can do. In fact, there are things that can be done when you have less than a month. You can even try these things with a few days left until the labor and they may help. So, let’s see what you can do.

Exercise for easy delivery

Unless your doctor has told you that you are prone to preterm labor, you can start to move your body and get ready for labor by exercising. Exercises such as squats, walking, and maternity swimming are recommended. It has also been reported that the rate of perineal incision is lower and the rate of easy delivery is higher for those who have been physically active.

If your doctor tells you that you are not well suited to exercising too much, you should keep your exercise very light. But you can still move your muscles by small movements such as stretching and light yoga. Just be sure that you consult your doctor about it.

Deep breathing exercise to make it easy

Controlled breathing is very important for having easy delivery. Even if you feel like you are very calm and in control of your breathing right now, with the first labor pains or anxiety you may affect your breathing severely. And this can prevent you from having an easy delivery.

If you learn to control your breathing and taking a deep breath at such times, you can overcome your anxiety before and during your labor. And being able to overcome stress is the most important point for easy delivery. So, training for controlled deep breathing is critical.

To learn controlled deep breaths, you can practice sniffing the scent of your favorite aroma. It can be something like a certain type of fruit or flower, chocolate, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, whatever you like to sniff deeply. Get yourself a bowl or jar with your favorite aroma and practice deep breaths with it. Try to memorize the muscles you use and the canals you open when you take a deep sniff of such an aroma. If you practice this enough, you will be able to take deep breaths other times as if you are smelling your favorite aroma, even when you are anxious. And you can use this for calming yourself for easy delivery.

That being said, there might be some aromas that you want to avoid during pregnancy. Some smells can make you feel sick even though you normally like them. Moreover, your favorite aroma might something chemically risky. So, if you want to use aromatized candles, bottled/canned room odors, or some kind of cleaning product’s smell for deep breathing exercises, you should read product instructions carefully. Do your research and be sure that it is safe for pregnancy.

Also, maybe try to choose an aroma that would not make you want to eat or drink something too much. This is not only important for possibly harmful things for pregnancy, such as coffee or junk food. But it can also make you go out of your pregnancy diet.

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What to drink

Speaking of coffee, consuming certain drinks during pregnancy may cause problems for labor or your baby’s health. Coffee is one of such drinks. Although some experts claim that a small amount of coffee is safe to drink each day for pregnant women, some others say that any amount of caffeine is risky. So, for easy delivery, you should stop consuming caffeine until you meet your baby.

Many mothers feel more thirsty during their pregnancy and crave their favorite soft-drinks a lot. However, you should also avoid soft-drinks in general for easy delivery and your baby’s health. Considering the calories they contain, most of these drinks would not fit into a healthy pregnancy diet very well. More importantly, many soft-drinks contain artificial sweeteners which are definitely unhealthy, especially when you are pregnant. These artificial sweeteners can affect both your metabolism and your baby’s, and they can cause problems during labor.

On the other hand, there are helpful drinks for easy delivery too. There are herbal teas that you can benefit from drinking as much as possible. Some herbal teas can help your mental state by keeping your stress level lower. Some other herbal teas can support your immune system or offer unique benefits for women.

For example, red raspberry leaf tea one of the most recommended herbal teas for easy delivery. Red raspberry leaves have a compound called ‘fragarine’ in them. This compound can help women by toning up the muscles in the pelvic. With regular consumption, red raspberry leaf tea offers reduced menstrual cramps for non-pregnant women, as well as smooth and easy delivery for pregnant women.

Of course, you should be careful about the herbal teas you drink during pregnancy. Some herbs can be risky to consume for your baby. So, be sure that you do your research, consult your doctor if you are unsure.

Keep yourself warm for easy delivery

Another thing that you can do for expecting easy delivery is to keep your body away from cool temperatures during pregnancy. This is important for both the mother and the baby. Even when you feel too hot and you want to cool down a bit, you should avoid sudden temperature drops. You may not notice any problem at the moment, but you may be risking your chances of having easy delivery at the end of your pregnancy.

By the way, you should not think of keeping yourself warm as something you should just do externally for your body, staying in a room where the temperature is warm. You should actually also avoid consuming too cold foods and drinks which can make your body get cold from inside.

To put it simply, even if your due date seems very close, it’s not too late. There are still things you can do for easy delivery. Stay warm, breath deeply, drink healthy and get both physically and mentally ready.