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Why You Might Consider a Water Birth?

Water Birth

You May Consider a Water Birth

As you prepare for the birth of your precious baby, you may want to consider having a water birth. You may want to check with your hospital to see if they offer classes on water birth, and also talk with your doctor about it. Below are the reasons why you might consider a water birth.


Laboring while sitting in a tub of water gives you much more comfortable than when you labor while lying in a bed. The waterworks very well to take the pressure off all of your major joints, especially your lower back, which is where many pregnant women have pain while they are in labor. The size of your tub also allows you to easily change positions while you are in labor. You can sit in a reclining position learning forward, or you can lay back. When you are between contractions, the warm water helps you to more easily relax.

Muscle Relaxation

Most women greatly fear tearing up while they are having their babies. The skin around your vag*ina can very easily tear when you have your baby, and this can cause even more pain after you have your baby. Using the water birth method greatly reduces your chances of tearing. This is because sitting in the warm water creates increased elasticity in your skin, which allows it to stretch more without tearing. Waterbirth has also been good for the baby. It is believed to be a calmer and smoother experience for the baby as he is born.

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One concern that many women have about using the water birth method is will their baby be able to breathe okay being born into water. They also worry about the baby being underwater for too long. Studies have proven that the water birth method poses no more risk to your baby than if you had a traditional birth. Your baby doesn’t even take his first breath until the first bit of their skin breaks the surface of the water.

Thinking About Water Birth, Birth in Water

The birth in the water method is something that you may want to consider when you give birth to your new baby. You can talk to your doctor or midwife about it, and also check with your hospital to see if they offer any classes on water birth. You should also talk with your significant other about your choice, as he will be in on the process too. You also may be able to speak to other women who have gone through having a water birth.