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What to Expect After Giving Birth

After You Give Birth

After Giving Birth

If this is your first pregnancy you are probably wondering what to expect after giving birth to your baby. Many mothers imagine holding their new baby and feeling very loving and calm. This is part of the process, but there are many other things that go on that you may not know about.

Giving birth is a very strenuous process on your body. You may notice that your legs will shake, and you may also feel very cold. Minutes later you may then start to feel very hot. Your body just went through many things and it is very important that you do everything you can to properly take care of yourself.

When it is time for you to use the restroom, your nurse will probably want to be with you the first time. This is especially true if you had a Cesarean. Also, any medication that you were given to ease the pain of labor will make you feel a little dizzy for quite a while after giving birth. You may feel embarrassed having a nurse go to the bathroom with you, but remember this is something they do every day. The nurse may even rinse you off with a water bottle when you are finished using the restroom to ensure that everything stays completely clean.

You will feel exhausted after giving birth. You and your baby both will require a large amount of sleep in the very beginning. You should sleep when your baby sleeps no matter what chores you may feel you need to do. Your body needs time to get back to normal, and sleeping will help it do this. Many hospitals will allow you to keep your baby in the room with you while they sleep. It is very important that the mother and baby bond during this time. You will probably receive many visitors who are very anxious to make sure both mother and baby are healthy.

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By the time you go home, you will feel a little better, but you will still feel very tired for a few days. Give your body time to get back to normal by resting when you feel tired. Your baby will sleep a lot during the first few weeks of his life. Take advantage of this by getting rest for yourself also.