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Easy Delivery Tips for First-Time Moms

Easy Delivery Tips

Easy Delivery Tips

The state of your mind is very important for an easy delivery. Especially in the case of the first childbirth, your anxiety can be so high that it can affect the delivery. And relaxing your mind can eliminate the anxiety you have about childbirth.

On the other hand, if you can imagine childbirth to some extent and have an image of it, you will feel less anxious and relaxed, so you will have less anxiety during pregnancy and can spend your time with peace of mind. And that is the best thing for babies, and it will eventually lead to a safe delivery.

Learn how childbirth usually goes

Even the first-born moms don’t know how the birth will start, so there is no end to the anxiety. Therefore, let’s get to know the image of delivery even a little.

First, the baby begins to fall into the uterine ostium and spasms become shorter and shorter, first spasms come every 10 minutes, then it becomes every 5 minutes, then every 2 minutes, and so on. When you are hospitalized and the uterine ostium opens, childbirth begins. If this happens, the baby can come out with a little effort.

When the baby is born, the nurses will have him take a bath, and do the necessary checks. A few hours later, they will bring the baby back to the mother. The mother and the baby (or babies) will stay in the hospital from that day.

Let’s imagine easy delivery.

Especially in the case of the first childbirth, there might be a great deal of anxiety about childbirth.

What will your labor pains be like? Will the spasms hit hard? What if you have a difficult birth? You may think and worry about many things. However, such anxiety is, in a sense, can make things worse. Therefore, you should try to have a vision of easy delivery as much as possible, and on the contrary, do not think of any bad possibilities.

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Does it make sense to get ready for an easy delivery by visualizing it in your mind? You may think it wouldn’t be too much helpful. But we can say that, in fact, imagination exercise is said to have a very high effect on childbirth.

In other words, it is said that most dystocia cases (a term for difficult or obstructed labor) are caused by the mental state of overly anxious pregnant women. Such as the birth canal becoming stiff due to tension, anxiety, and fear, and the uterine ostium not opening as expected.

Therefore, if you do imagination exercises for easy delivery, even if you get nervous or anxious during the actual labor, your training will show its effect.


Many dystocia cases are actually believed to be the result of a pregnant woman’s mental state, (such as tension, fear, and anxiety) reflected in her body. So, you should try not to have strong fears and bad visions for your labor. Just learn the details of the childbirth process to some extent and always draw an image of easy delivery in your mind. This is also very helpful to make the delivery safe and on time.