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15 Other Herbs for Birth Control

15 Other Herbs for Natural Birth Control

Herbs for Birth Control

For ages, people have been using herbs for various purposes, including birth control. Long before modern methods, there were herbs that you could use to prevent pregnancy. If you do not want to use today’s synthetic medicines and devices, you can still use herbs for birth control.

To learn more about the plants mentioned in this article and read the starting part of it, you can go to our “Herbs for Birth Control” article. We often mention various herbs you can use for this purpose. Of course, we always suggest consulting your doctor before using these herbs for the best result. In this article, we will see other 15 herbs for birth control you may choose to use. Let’s see these herbs down here.


Stoneseed is one of the herbs for birth control that can be used for sterilization. You can make tea by using the dried root of the stoneseed plant. Drinking this tea for over six months can help you sterilize yourself if you want to avoid pregnancy risks permanency.


You may know pennyroyal as spearmint too. Although pennyroyal oil can be dangerous, pennyroyal can be used for starting menstruation and avoiding pregnancy. You can find pennyroyal extract dissolved in ethanol. And taking 1 mL four times a day for a few days can help you.

Juniper Berries

Juniper berries are not only among the herbs for birth control, but they also have many benefits for your body. Juniper berries can help you detoxify your body from bacteria. You can also eat them daily to prevent pregnancy.


If you are interested in the scientifically accepted herbs for birth control, birthwort is a good option. It stops pregnancy by inducing menstruation. Birthwort tincture can be eaten with food or inserted into the cervix to show its effects. You should take a dose of this tincture once in 8 hours, with less than 1 mL each dose. And keep the usage period under a week.

Rue Herbs for Birth Control

Rue is one of the herbs for birth control that contains rutin. Rutin is a plant pigment that can prevent pregnancy. You can take this rutin by dissolving the rue in ethanol.


Mugwort contains eucalyptol, which can be used to prevent pregnancy. You can make Mugwort tea to get this effect. You can also dissolve the herb in ethanol and take some drops for a few days.

Black Cohosh

Black cohosh can be used to initiate contractions. It can be taken as infusion drops. 1 mL infusion every 6 hours should help you prevent pregnancy.

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Wild Yam Herbs for Birth Control

Wild yam is among herbs for birth control that contains progesterone. It is a hormone that can be used to stop ovulation. Many modern birth control pills use this hormone too. Extracts of this herb can be consumed for the same purpose.

Indian poke

Indian poke, also known as false hellebore, is another herb for birth control that you can use for sterility. If you make tea from the root of this plant, you can drink this tea for a while to make yourself sterile for good.


Thistles are useful herbs for birth control. While the whole plant can be consumed, the root and the stem core are the most effective parts of birth control. You can make an infusion out of these parts. Drinking this infusion gives sterility for a temporary period of time.

Blue Cohosh Herbs for Birth Control

Blue cohosh is one of the herbs for birth control that you can use to start your period. By boiling Blue cohosh in filtered water, you can make an infusion of it. Taking 1 mL every 4 hours can give you the desired result within a week.

Jack in the pulpit

Jack in the pulpit is one of the herbs for birth control. You can use the root of this plant to prevent pregnancy. The root can be made into a tea that you can drink once in seven days for the best result.


The leaves of mistletoe plants can be used for starting menstruation. You can consume dried mistletoe leaves for this effect. You can also dissolve the leaves in ethanol and get drops of it.

Tansy Herbs for Birth Control

Tansy can help you prevent pregnancy by starting menstruation. You can extract the essence by boiling tansy or dissolving it in ethanol. You can take tansy together with pennyroyal and blue cohosh too.

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Silphium is one of the herbs for birth control that have been used by ancient civilizations. Silphium is known especially by Roman for many purposes, including contraception. As the seeds of silphium can be consumed to start menstruation and stop pregnancy.