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5 Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

5 Fruits That You Should Not Eat During Pregnancy

Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Eating fruits during pregnancy is considered healthy for your body and your baby. Although fruits offer many vitamins you need, there are some fruits that pregnant women should be careful about. While you are trying to get as much nutrition as possible, you may harm your baby’s development or risk your pregnancy. In this article, we will have a look at fruits to avoid during pregnancy. You can read why these fruits can be dangerous for pregnant women down here.


Grapes contain a component called resveratrol. Mostly found in the grape’s skin, resveratrol helps fruits with healing from injuries. Usually, it is believed to have many benefits of consuming resveratrol for joints and the brain. However, resveratrol is also considered harmful to pregnant women. As the grapes also can cause pregnant women to feel sick, you should avoid grapes during pregnancy in general.


Papayas offer many benefits when you consume them normally. However, papaya fruits contain latex. And, during pregnancy, consuming latex can cause many problems such as contractions, development problems, and even miscarriages. So, papaya is one of the fruits to avoid during pregnancy.


Pineapples are among the fruits to avoid during pregnancy because of the miscarriage risks. This fruit has an enzyme that affects metabolism. The enzyme may change the structural integrity of the cervix. This can cause early labor or even miscarriages.


Tamarind is often used for helping people that experience nausea and sickness, which is common during pregnancy. However, there is a high amount of Vitamin C in Tamarind fruits. And high Vitamin C intake is quite dangerous during pregnancy. Vitamin C can affect progesterone production in the pregnant body and can cause a miscarriage or can harm the baby.

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Frozen Fruits

Other than the possibly harmful vitamins, enzymes, and components that fruits may contain, you should also be careful about the harm that you can get from fruits that are stored for a while. Especially season-specific fruits like berries are usually sold frozen off-season. And frozen fruits can have many bacteria on them but they do not have nutritious benefits anymore. Pregnant women can easily get sick by consuming poorly stored frozen fruits. Considering they also do not offer much taste and aroma too, you should avoid frozen fruits, in general, to be safe.

Fruits to avoid during pregnancy

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