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Parenting and Discipline Start with Birth

Parenting and Discipline Start with Birth

Parenting and Discipline

Many parents complain that their children do not listen or do not mind them well enough. What most parents don’t realize is that parenting and discipline start at birth. Your baby learns from the minute you bring her/him home with you.

Chores and Responsibilities

All children need to have some type of chores and responsibilities. Even very young children can learn to pick up their own toys. You can even make a game out of it and make it fun for them. If children do not do their chores, then there should be some type of consequence. Maybe not allow them to watch their favorite cartoon, etc. As children get older you should add more chores and responsibilities to them. They can learn to keep their room clean, make their bed each morning, or take care of the family pet.

Rules and Consequences

All families should have some type of rules and consequences. Rules can include things you want your child to do, and things that you do not want them to do. Consequences are what happens when your child breaks a rule.

You can also start this at a very young age. Some rules that you may have in your home could be no running in the house, no jumping on the furniture, etc. The consequences that you choose depends on the type of parenting that you do. Some parents may put their children in a time-out. Older children that are caught lying to their parents or something more serious will have different consequences.

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Parenting and Discipline

A parent that disciplines is not considered to be a bad or mean parent. You are doing this because you love your child and you want them to grow up to be a very good adult. It starts with birth as soon as your baby can start walking he should have some type of rules to follow. The younger you start building some type of discipline in your child the better off both of you will be. Your child can easily learn the rules that you set, which will help them follow rules much better when they get older and go to school and then later in life.

Children love to have rules even though they may not know them themselves. This allows them to understand exactly what you want from them and will end up making them a much happier child.