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Doing What’s Best for the Baby in Labor

Best for the Baby in Labor

Best for the Baby in Labor

Moms may be full of anxiety and fear as delivery approaches. The responsibility for giving birth to a baby may also be heavy. But there is something to remember. It means that I’m always with my baby and I’m collaborating with my baby in labor.

The baby is already conscious in the stomach, pushed out by the power of his mom, and desperately willing to go out. And don’t forget that the baby also wants to see mom and is trying hard to come out. You should also avoid suffering from the baby in the stomach during pregnancy. I tried to summarize mainly the baby in labor.

The baby knows what’s in the stomach

It is said that many children have memories of babies up to about 6 years old when they are in their stomachs. Recently, the medical community has admitted that babies have memories in their stomachs. In many cases, after 2 years old, they start to say that time, peaking at 3 years old and almost disappearing at 6 years old.

In other words, at the time of childbirth, the baby has a strong will and works hard with his mom. With that in mind, I just want to calm down and work hard without any anxiety. When moms are nervous due to fear or anxiety, the birth canal, and uterine ostium become stiff and the baby cannot leave. Your baby will surely think “Mom, do your best” in your stomach. Relax, take it easy, take it easy, take a deep breath and force it out.

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Quit smoking for your baby in labor

Smoking cessation is the norm during pregnancy. If you can’t stop, your doctor should at least advise you to reduce the number. Smoking impairs blood flow, causes fetal malnutrition due to vasoconstriction, and the sudden death of babies is said to be related to tobacco.

Also, considering that even after giving birth, the baby will be allowed to smoke cigarettes jointly, I would like to quit smoking when I become pregnant. The baby should be saying “Mom, stop” in her stomach.

Excessive weight management is a danger signal to babies

Recently, due to diabetes and high blood pressure during pregnancy, the weight of the mother’s womb is well managed. However, it seems that some moms control calories
as if they were on a diet because they don’t want to gain weight during pregnancy.

But basically, it is necessary to get a lot of nutrition for the baby in labor. It is certain that taking too much will cause illness, but when considering a diet, the
baby will not be well-nourished, and the baby will be poorly nourished.

This leads to premature babies and a much higher risk of stillbirth, miscarriage, and disability. What does the baby in the stomach say in this situation? You might say “I’m hungry”.

Moms should be aware that their baby is always in their stomachs and that they will work together during childbirth.