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How to Prevent an Unintended Pregnancy

How to Prevent an Unintended Pregnancy

Unintended Pregnancy

If you do not feel ready to become a parent yet, or you do not want to have more children, you need to take some caution against unintended pregnancy. Sometimes, things can happen without planning. So, you need to learn about how you can avoid pregnancy.

First of all, the best to prevent unintended pregnancy is to use means of protection. Some of the birth control methods also protect you against infections you may get during intercourse. Let’s see what you can do.

How to avoid an unintended pregnancy

First thing first, you should not assume that you are safe because you do not have intercourse in certain ways. Pregnancy is possible even though neither partner reaches the climax, or even with grinding. So, you should always use a birth control method.

One of the most commonly used birth control methods is to use birth control pills. By takings these daily pills, women can stop ovulation and unintended pregnancy. Although this method can provide high effectiveness, it does not provide protection against infections.

Another one of the widely used method of unintended pregnancy is male condoms. These elastic sheats are easy to use and do not require any commitments. This method can also provide protection against infections. However, the material can break during use and cause unintended pregnancy. Also, many couples do not like using this method because of the lower sensitivity.

How to stop an unintended pregnancy

Although, as we mentioned, it is best if you always practice birth control methods, sometimes you may neglect the protection. Also, some birth control methods can have issues where you may use the device wrong, skip a dose, or couldn’t control the moment at the wrong time. Or you may not find enough time to get the necessary caution.

In short, we can say that you may have accidents sometimes. When you have such circumstances, if you don’t the risk of getting pregnant, you may get worried. So, you would need to find a way to prevent any possible unintended pregnancy after intercourse. Fortunately, there are various methods for this.

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If you want to use a quick solution, you can visit your local pharmacy and buy one of the available emergency contraception pills. There are different brands and types of pills. Known as plan-b pills, or morning-after pills, typically you can use these pills to avoid unintended pregnancy within the first three days after your intercourse. You may also find some pills that you can use within five days. But of course, the sooner you use this method, the effectiveness will be that much higher. Also, you might get asked to show your ID while buying such pills because these pills are forbidden for people younger than 15 years old.

Getting an IUD

Another way you can consider to avoid unintended pregnancy would be getting an IUD. As you may probably know, IUDs are small devices that clinics can put in the uterus. Usually, these devices can provide birth control with high effectiveness. But if you didn’t have such a device during intercourse and you are worried about getting pregnant, you can get an IUD to avoid any unintended pregnancy. Keep in mind that there are hormone-based and copper-based ıuD models. This effect is typically only possible with copper-based models. Getting an IUD would also provide you with a reliable birth control method for the future. And you can get rid of it when you want to get pregnant.

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