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Planning a Baby Shower Decoration

Planning a Baby Shower Decoration

Planning a Baby Shower

Some planning tips and ideas for baby shower decorations… The right baby shower decorations can turn an ordinary shower into something really extraordinary. When it comes to decorating for this very special event, the ideas are limited only by the imagination and the budget of those involved in the planning. There are countless adorable themed baby shower decorations to choose from but even decorating with the simple colors associated with babies like pastel pink, blue, green, and yellow will create a look that’s sure to please.

Planning a baby shower decorations

The extent of decorating you’ll be able to do will depend on the location of the party itself. If it’s being held at the office for coworkers or at a restaurant, you might be more limited in what you can do. Always confirm with those in charge what types of decorations are allowed and do so before shopping. You might find that some will be considered a fire hazard and won’t be allowed. In such cases, do not be upset and do not insist on dangerous decoration. Keep in mind that, cute as they might be, the baby shower decorations aren’t really what matters. What’s going to matter most is that the new mom will be able to share her excitement with close friends and family.

Regardless of the location, you’ll at least want to have a few baby shower decorations along the entryway to the party, around the gift table, and incorporated into the areas where food and drinks will be served. A balloon bouquet strung from a mailbox or placed at the entrance of the party location is a simple and inexpensive way to lead guests to the festivities. A baby-themed flag is another option. Then get some table coverings, a few centerpieces, and paper goods that complement the color scheme or theme.

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From there, splurge on as many additional baby shower decorations as the budget allows. Here are a few decorating ideas to get your creative juices flowing. You can hang streamers around the ceilings and put balloon bouquets, bows, and ribbons in the areas where guests will congregate. You can decorate the guest of honor’s chair, which should be set up as a focal point. You can set out party favors for each of the guests. Since it’s a shower, you won’t go wrong hanging an umbrella or two around the room. And don’t forget about the cake. Position it in a location where all can admire it and if you can, decorate the table upon which it will sit.

When to purchase baby shower decorations

Since most of the baby shower decorations will consist of paper goods, they can be purchased well in advance of the shower date. Start shopping at least 2 weeks prior to the date or earlier if the shower will have a particular theme. It may take more time to find decorations to support the theme. Then set aside several hours on the day of the party to rearrange furniture as necessary and to put up all the baby shower decorations. You’ll be wise to enlist the help of others!