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How to Prevent Pregnancy with Natural Birth Control

How to Prevent Pregnancy With Natural Birth Control

Natural Birth Control Methods

If you want to prevent pregnancy, but you don’t want to use some of the common modern methods that require you to wear devices or take medications, you may consider using natural birth control methods instead. These natural methods can help you avoid pregnancy without any use of synthetic gadgets or modifying your hormones. So, many people find natural birth control methods more approachable.

Here, we will have a quick look at these methods. You can read about the natural birth control methods you can use and their effectiveness.

Withdrawal for Natural Birth Control

One of the commonly used natural birth control methods is practicing Withdrawal. This method depends on the male partner’s ability to keep the ejaculation outside during the climax.

However, keep in mind that this method is not as safe as most other birth control methods. It is not only difficult to have this self-control for the male partner every time, but it is also possible to get pregnant before reaching this point. So the average effectiveness of this method is only around 78 in 100.

Rhythm method for Natural Birth Control

Another natural birth control method that is used commonly is the Rhythm method. To use this method, you can track your period cycles and find out the days you are fertile. If you do not have intercourse in this time window, you can prevent pregnancy naturally.

The rhythm method can be more than 95% effective if you can track your cycles correctly.

Basal Temperature Method

Similar to the rhythm method, you can also use your basal temperature to know about your fertile days. If you measure your basal body temperature at the same time every day, you will see that the temperature increases on your fertile days. Although this increase is only about 1F, if you measure it regularly, you can know when you are ovulating.

Keep in mind that this method can be difficult to practice since the body temperature can change if your sleep cycle changes. So, it is possible to make mistakes with this method.

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Breastfeeding for Natural Birth Control

If you gave birth to a child within the last six months, you could use breastfeeding as a natural birth control method for a while. As long as you produce breastmilk, the hormones in your body prevent ovulation.

You can feed your baby by breastfeeding and make yourself keep these hormones up. Meanwhile, you will be safe from a new pregnancy. This method can prevent pregnancy with an effectiveness of 98 in 100.

Herbs for Natural Birth Control

People who do not want to use synthetic medicines to prevent pregnancy can use some herbs for natural birth control. Although such herbs are not endorsed formally, many sources claim certain herbs are for birth control purposes. Herbs like thistle, stoneseed root, ginger root, and wild carrot seed are known for being used by natural healers for many generations.

Keep in mind that some of such herbs work by affecting your body’s chemical balance and causing miscarriages. So, they may not cause harm to your body, and some of them even cause sterility. Moreover, even if you are willing to take the risk, herbs may fail to prevent pregnancy. So, if you use such herbs, you should use them along with other natural birth control methods.

Remember that, although you may not want to use modern methods to prevent pregnancy, you should still consult your doctor before using the natural birth control methods we mentioned here, especially for herbal methods. If you are interested in other birth control methods, or more details about the natural methods, you can check our other articles in the related category. For our latest tips for pregnancy and birth control, keep following us on social media platforms.