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Baby Boy Nursery Ideas for the Budget-Conscious Parents

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Looking up for baby boy nursery ideas online can be discouraging, especially if you don’t have enough money. You might get disappointed browsing the gorgeous nurseries advertised on various websites. But don’t fret as having limited funds should not prevent you from building a special and beautiful space for your precious little one.

Keeping it Simple

When you think of baby boy nursery ideas, the first thing that goes into your mind is the money needed to buy the most colorful decorations or newest accessories. But instead of focusing on what’s new and trendy, you should opt for things that are safe for your baby. Anything inside your baby’s room should meet safety regulations, from the furniture to the toys to the decorations.

After all, your baby won’t care if you put the latest designs of the most expensive decorations in his room. So instead of spending a lot of money on character prints, settle for a cheaper one. Forget about having Mickey Mouse’s image all over his room. As an alternative, buy a framed poster of Mickey and hang it on the wall. Then use the colors of the poster -like black, red, and white- as your guide in deciding on the motif of the room.

Buy Second-hand Items

Since babies will outgrow pretty much everything, buying second-hand furniture items like a crib, dresser and chair is nothing to be ashamed of. Likewise, you will be surprised that second-hand baby furniture items look almost new.

When buying second-hand cribs, choose one that can be converted into a toddler bed at a later stage. This enhancement can ensure that the crib can be used by your baby and his siblings for many years. Likewise, apply a fresh coat of paint to a second-hand dresser that you purchased from a flea market. You can then make it look new by adding wallpaper or hand painting simple designs like dots or stripes. To improve the appearance of an old rocker, paint it and put a new cushion for added comfort.

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Adding Accessories

Adding accessories doesn’t mean shelling out a lot of money. Like what most cheap baby boy shower ideas would tell you, recycling is the way to go. For example, hand painting an old lampshade can accentuate the look of a nursery. Mounting posters or photos can do the same. Some parents frame prints of their baby’s photos for a nice decorative touch.

Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Even old baby items can make good decorations. You may want to use your firstborn’s first pair of shoes in a box frame and hang it on the wall.

And contrary to some misconceptions, not all new nursery accessories are expensive. On this page, we will put links to some cheap baby room items and some other articles about “Baby Boy Nursery Ideas”. Examine them, you will be satisfied.

As you can see, you don’t have to have a huge budget for a nursery. Just invest a lot of time, creativity, and enthusiasm in re-decorating your child’s space. Follow these baby boy nursery ideas and you’ll surely come up with that special and attractive room for your little one.