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Weird Questions People Ask When You Are Pregnant

Weird Pregnancy Questions

Strange Pregnancy Questions to the Pregnant

People sometimes ask such strange questions that out of surprise you don’t know what to say. One of the most common situations where these types of questions are asked is pregnancy. If you are pregnant, be prepared for these questions. Pregnancy questions here are compiled from comments on forum sites.

“How long have you two been married?”
People ask how many months pregnant I am, wait a few minutes and then ask how long I’ve been married. I feel like saying yes, we were married when we conceived! It’s so obvious that’s why they’re asking. And of course, that’s followed up by questions like “Were we trying?” and wink-wink “How often did you try?” Really? People are crazy. —AbbyNu

“Are you planning on getting an epidural?”
I can’t believe people ask this, but I learned quickly to either lie or not answer this question. Everyone has an opinion and believes their opinion is the only way to go! —dpace

“So, are you going to breastfeed?”
Not just family and close friends, but strangers will ask if I’m going to breastfeed. What an odd, personal thing to ask! I never quite know what to say. Everyone seems to have an opinion about it! Weird! —CParks

“Was this planned or a surprise?”
OMG, seriously? Why would they want to know that or even think to ask it? As long as we’re happy, does it matter? And how is that anyone’s business? —dpace

“How much weight have you gained?”
WHAT?! Are you serious? Why the heck would you ask a woman that? Usually, these questions are from people with a sizable paunch, too! —InGodsTiming

“Are you SURE it’s not twins?”
This is just a snarky way of telling a pregnant mama she looks large and in charge. Even the most clueless people know that everyone has ultrasounds now and twins are never a surprise. I feel like saying, “Yup, I’m sure it’s not twins. But I sure am fat, I get it!” —jessicamcfad

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“So you know what will induce labor…”
Eww. When people say this it creeps me out. It’s like they’re telling you to go have sex! Get a life! —InGodsTiming

“Are you going to find out the sex? Because you should/shouldn’t!”
People are so opinionated on whether or not we should find out! Waiting just isn’t for everyone, okay? And other parents love the delivery room surprise. Butt out! —Jaedelyn

“Have you thought of names? How about that one?”
It’s so irritating when people suggest their favorite baby names. I say, if you didn’t help make the baby, you don’t get a say in my child’s name (or get to make rude comments on my choice!). —momma_lucy

“What are you going to do with those cats/dogs?”
People keep asking me about my dogs! It’s like, hello, you can have kids and pets at the same time. I swear, by some of the looks on their faces, they’re picturing a St. Bernard feasting on a baby. —AbbyNu

“You look too small to be 30 weeks along.”
What are they trying to accomplish with this one, scare me? Or give me a compliment that I’m not too fat? Whatever. I just tell them happily that my doctor says I am perfectly healthy and so is the baby (even if I really just want to run out screaming and crying my eyes out). —LiamsMommy90

“Wow, you STILL look pregnant!”
I recently had my son, and the first strangers we saw when leaving the hospital congratulated us on our new arrival. Then the husband asked me why I still looked pregnant!! I wish I had said something along the lines of “I’m a medical marvel, I’m expecting his twin in a month!” —British_Mummy